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Key Factors To Consider When Looking For An Apartment To Rent

Who says searching for a nice apartment is an easy job? The whole process can sometimes be tiring and lengthy. However, if you do proper research and planning in advance, finding an ideal apartment is not really that difficult. In this blog, we will tell you some essential factors that should be considered when looking for apts for rent in New Hartford. What are those factors? Let’s take a look at them.


One of the first things you should check is the level of safety in your apartment as well as the surrounding area. Generally, rural areas are considered more safe than urban areas. In urban areas, you will have to check a neighborhood’s crime level, walkways, parking areas, and whatnot.


It is recommended you choose an apartment that is located close to essential facilities such as grocery, pharmacy, banking, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. An apartment’s price may be cheaper or affordable but if it is located in a place that is way too far from basic facilities, you will waste a lot of time and money on commuting.

Size of The Building

It is good to have an idea in mind regarding the type of unit and building you want. There are different types of rentals in the market. You can find a rental in big apartment complexes as well as single family homes. Go for a unit that matches your lifestyle and specific needs. For some people, the size of the apartment is essential regardless of the location. For some, a smaller space in a nice location is fine. We will advice you to properly consider the pros and cons of each type of unit before making the final decision.


Many people forget to consider their parking needs when looking for an apartment. Make sure there is sufficient area for you to park your vehicle in the apartment complex. Also inquire how many cars are permitted per apartment unit.

These are some key factors that should be considered when looking for an apartment to rent. If you’re searching for an apartment complex that ticks all the above-mentioned factors, you should get in touch with Hillside Garden Apartments in New Hartford, NY. Our apartment complex is centrally located, offers off street parking, easy and quick access to essential facilities, key apartment appliances, cable TV and internet, and much more. If interested, call us at 315-737-5976.

Features of Rural Areas That Compel People To Bid Adieu To Urban Areas

We all know that living in urban areas offer us a lot of advantages such as better public transportation, high salaries, places of attraction, etc. However, there are still a section of people who prefer to live in rural areas. Whether a person wants to live in an urban area or a rural area is totally a matter of personal preference. But the fact is, more and more people are realizing the benefits of living in a rural area that is well-connected to essential facilities such as grocery, pharmacy, banking, etc. In this blog, we will tell you the things that people like about rural areas. What are those things? Let’s find out.

Open Spaces And Clean Air

If you are someone who loves being in nature and appreciating its beauty, then you’ve got to move to a rural place as it will offer you amazing scenes and let you reconnect with nature. And since there are more trees in a rural area and less vehicles, you will get to breathe in clean, fresh air, which we all know isn’t available in urban areas.

Peaceful Environment

Those who have lived or are living in urban areas know how noisy the city life can be. The constant noise from buildings, roads, restaurants is a normal part of city life. But once you move to the countryside, you get to realize that life isn’t as fast-paced as we make it out to be. It is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful.

Good Place For Raising Children

Both urban and rural areas have their advantages when it comes to raising kids. But if you are a parent who wants his/her kid to enjoy the outdoors, play sports, talk with people, and most importantly, not spend the majority of his/her time on smartphones and tablets, a rural setting would be a better place. It’s a place that will keep your kid connected with the nature and people around him/her.

Reliable Neighbors And A Tight Knit Community

Cities are big and diverse, which makes it difficult to form a community. However, rural areas have a tightly knit community because residents keep meeting each other in churches, town hall, local diner, etc., which allows them to form strong social bonds with each other. Neighbors in a rural area rely on one another for things. You will never feel alone or left out in a rural setting.

As you can see, rural areas have their own charm. It offers us advantages that city life cannot. If interested, you can live in a beautiful apartment situated in a rural setting. If you’re looking for houses for rent in New Hartford, NY, get in touch with Hillside Garden Apartments. We’re a big apartment complex that offers different types of one, two, and three bedroom floor plans in thirty four separate buildings. If you want to know more about our apartments in detail, call us at 315-737-5976.

When Considering To Rent An Apartment, Make Sure You Look For These Basic Amenities

We all know that buying a house is not a simple process. There are so many things you need to take into account such as the location of the house, its age, layout of kitchens and bedrooms, its price, and whatnot. However, when people need to rent an apartment, they often fail to look for key amenities that should be present in every apartment. In this blog, we will tell you what are some of the most essential apartment amenities. Rent an apartment only if it offers all the below-mentioned amenities.

Key Appliances

Certain appliances are a must for an apartment. For example, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc., are all appliances that you will be using on a daily basis. In-unit laundry is also essential. Many apartment owners make sure a washer and dryer is available for the tenant to use. So, by all means inspect whether the apartment you’re considering to rent contains all the essential appliances or not.

Authorization To Keep Pets

If you have a pet like a dog or cat, you will have to check properly whether having a pet or pets is allowed in the apartment or not. Look for pet-friendly apartments that allow renters to keep pets. You will have to pay a little extra money in addition to your monthly rent for keeping your beloved dog or cat in a pet-friendly apartment.

Heat And Air Conditioning

If you are considering to buy an apartment in a city with a mild climate, then you might not really need heat and air conditioning. The fans would be enough to keep you in a comfortable state. However, if your apartment is situated in a place where temperatures drop quite low or go really high, heat and air conditioning will become essential.


You do not want to struggle parking your vehicle in a safe spot. You also do not want your visitors to go through the same problem when they come to visit you. That is why it is necessary you only rent an apartment that allows onsite parking. The last thing you’d want is parking your car five streets away from your apartment after coming home from work.

Apart from these, other things to consider include internet access, security measures, friendly maintenance staff, and quick access to grocery, pharmacy, banking, and dining. If you’re looking for a beautiful apartment in a quiet setting with all the key amenities and easy access to shopping complexes, hospitals, colleges, grocery, etc., we will recommend you to consider Hillside Garden Apartments in Utica, NY. You will find all the basic as well as modern amenities here at an affordable price. If interested, contact us at 315-737-5976 for more details.

Living In A Rural Setting Can Provide You Some Amazing Benefits

Whenever we visit any rural area from the hustle and bustle of city life, we feel calm and peaceful. You get to realize that life isn’t really as hectic as we make it out to be; it can be beautiful, peaceful, and wonderful. If you feel attracted to rural life and have been considering moving there, this article will make the decision easier for you. Living in rural areas offers us some amazing health benefits. In this article, we will talk about those benefits in some detail. So, let’s get started.

Relief From Excessive Stress

Studies have clearly shown that many of the health problems we suffer from are a direct result of experiencing too much stress in our lives. Apart from taking a toll on your body, stress also affects your personal relationships, your personality, and makes you uncomfortable. It is true that living in a city offers us access to many different things, but its air pollution, noise pollution, and fast-paced life can very easily make you stressed. You do not face any of the aforesaid problems if you live in a rural setting.

Organic Food

There is no doubt about the fact that living in a city offers you the benefit of grabbing a bite whenever you want. However, how healthy those food items are is a matter of concern. It takes some time for food items to reach the cities from the source place. Throughout the journey, these fast food items go down in quality. But if you live in a rural area, you have the opportunity to eat fresh, organic foods. Plus, you do not have the option of going out every day to eat fast foods, which needless to say, leaves you with no option but to consume meals cooked by you.

Close-Knit Communities

It is quite surprising to notice that although cities are full of people, there is a sense of loneliness in those populated places. Of course, this is not true for every city but in most cities, people do not have time for one another. But the opposite happens in rural settings, where people talk with one another, find solutions to problems together, and have a strong community feel.

Less Distractions

In cities when we step outside of our house, all we get to see are ads, billboards, highways, and huge buildings. Your mind will get drawn to different directions and become distracted. We may not realize this but social pressures and advertisements tend to have a major impact on our thinking. But when you live in a rural area, all you see outside your house are trees and fields. There is no one trying to alter your perception or trying to get your attention in rural settings.

As you can see, living a rural life can provide you with so many amazing benefits. If interested, you can get houses for rent in New Hartford, NY and live a peaceful, quiet life in a rural setting. You should definitely rent an apartment in Hillside Garden Apartments in New Hartford. You’ll get free cable TV, internet, garbage removal services, lawn care, household appliances, and much more. To know more about Hillside Garden Apartments, contact us at (315) 737-5976.

6 Important Things to Consider While Renting a House

Renting an apartment should not come like a daunting task. It is not something that can be done within minutes but can be easily done if you know what and how to do. There are a few things every property hunter should keep in mind. By doing so, you will be able to find a house for rent in New Hartford, NY without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are things to consider while looking for an apartment for rent:

Your budget

You should know how much you can conveniently spend on your rent and bills. In case you’re shifting alone for the first time, there is a lot to arrange. The best tip is to prefer apartments that offer all the basic amenities such as AC, refrigerator, stove, and TV for no extra charges. Make sure to discuss what all is included in the rent.


Everyone has a preferred location for renting an apartment. In case you are confused, you can start with checking residential areas that are near your work location. However, that’s not the only factor to consider. Sometimes, a location that is a bit far but on budget may seem to be a better option. You should calculate your monthly travel expenses before reaching a decision.


When you visit an apartment before renting a house or apartment, you should make sure to check for the tiniest details. The property owner will probably try to hide everything that you should not look at. So, you should make sure to check things like cabinets, sinks, showers, and power outlets so nothing is swept under the rug.


While making a self-inspection visit or discussing things over the phone, you should ask as many questions as possible. For instance, you can ask for garage if you own and whether you need to pay for it in addition to the rent. You should also ask about the maintenance process and other expenses involved.

Checking reviews

Don’t underestimate the power of customer reviews. Many real agencies are really bad to their tenants and they are quite vocal about it in the review section. Customer reviews can help you with all the relevant information including what you may like and what you may not.


The secret to locking the best deal lies in negotiation. A property with a lot of problems to be fixed can be the best property to ask for a reduced rent. Some owners or house managers also offer discounts if someone opts for signing a lease with them. You should check all such possible options and negotiate the best price before renting the house.

The bottom line

Renting an apartment can be a difficult task for people who haven’t done this before. By knowing what to do and things to look for, you can easily find one that suits your needs without breaking the bank. The above tips will help you with that.

In case you’re looking for an apartment for rent in New York, reach out to us today.

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